The Team is Growing! Here’s what you should know. 

October 18, 2022

The Team is Growing!

I am thrilled to announce that Mikayla Jean & Co. is hiring! If you follow along on Instagram this isn’t brand new news to you; however, I wanted to dive in a bit more and explain what this will look like as the team grows.  

I’m so excited about this opportunity for growth in my business for many reasons, but I think what excites me the most is to be able to be a team! Having a team will create more accountability and it will push us to be more creative. Creating a collaborative team atmosphere will push us to be more successful by serving our couples better. 

What’s changing?

Mikayla Jean & Co. has brought on an associate photographer, Megan Markel (no, not the duchess) who is going through thorough training so that she learns to capture images like me! She will be trained to shoot like me by learning how I create room for meaningful moments between my couples by inviting couples to pose and respond to promptings. This way, the images captured in engagement/couple sessions and on wedding days by my associate will be consistent with what Mikayla Jean & Co. is already producing!

Why the growth?

Hiring an associate photographer will create a seamless extension of my brand, creating more flexibility, availability, and experiences for clients to book with Mikayla Jean & Co. I was blessed to become a mom at the end of 2021, and adjusting to full-time motherhood and business owning has created some pivots in life which means I cannot take on more clients that inquire. There are so many amazing couples that I would love to work with, but because I’m only one human, who another tiny human relies on, I simply can’t take on every wedding! Adding an associate photographer allows Mikayla Jean and Co. to offer our personalized wedding experience to even more wonderful couples. 

What will this look like?

So what will it look like to book a wedding with Mikayla Jean & Co.’s associate photographer, Megan? Right from your initial inquiry, you’ll be in communication with me. You’ll receive the full Mikayla Jean & Co. experience as we prepare for your big day! You’ll receive various resources from us to help as you plan your day and will have full contact with me should you ever want to hop on a call and talk through details involving your wedding day. You’ll also be interacting with me after your shoot/wedding as I will be the one to hand edit and deliver your previews and final galleries! The experience and final products will remain consistent with what Mikayla Jean & Co. always provides. What’s different, is that you’ll have my amazing associate member as the lead photographer for both your engagement photos and your wedding day! Your engagement session will undoubtably result in beautiful photos of you and your fiancé, but will also be a great opportunity for you and my associate to get to know each other leading up to your wedding day. 

I’m so excited to have hired the first team member to Mikayla Jean & Co. and can’t wait for you to be able to work with her! We are so excited to work together, push each other, and grow! This growth will allow us to serve more couples who crave having their memories captured by this business and brand.