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Search For A Vendor That Fits Your Style.

Ask To See Example Work.

If a website does not have full galleries or videos, ask if you can see an extended album of photos or links to watch more videos. Highlight galleries will often display the best images. If you ask to see a full gallery, you’ll get a better sense of your photographers style and capabilities.

Photographers and videographers have a certain shooting & editing style so find one that you love and contact them!



What You See Is What You Get.

Sign A Contract.

It is good for both you & the photographer/videographer to understand what is expected. It’s even more beneficial in the unlikely (but possible) event that there are issues.

Make sure you clarify any questions you have with their packages. Be aware of what they offer and what they don’t. Ask all your add-on questions before moving forward so you know you will get EXACTLY what you want. It’s important!