In-Home Photo Shoots

April 25, 2020

Lifestyle, life-giving sessions for couples, families & brands.

What makes a home? Is it a place, a feeling, the people? I believe that the answer to this question changes throughout our life experiences. I grew up in Holland, MI so, the beach, my house, and my family felt like “home”. When I was in college, Indiana, my basketball team, the locker room, and friends were my “home.” Then I got married and suddenly I was starting my own “home” with Isaac and relocated to Grand Rapids. Every stage of life created a new definition of “home” for me. Throughout those years, there were a few constants that made me feel like I was “home” no matter what: myself, my people, and my God. Most of the time, homes embody how we live and see ourselves. We create spaces that make us feel safe, comfortable, and happy. Then we fill those spaces with people who also make us feel those same emotions. When we find spaces that meet our needs and express ourselves, we find life and in turn, give life back to those we love.

Now, take those feelings, those people, and that space and picture all the minutes, hours & days spent together. That peaceful, fulfilling, and empowering emotion is what is meant to be felt and captured in In-Home photo sessions.

“When you walk into some homes, they instantly feel welcoming. And it’s not just because you enjoy the company or admire the decor – although both help. There’s something else. The space feels authentic, a genuine reflection of the person or family who lives there.”

-Natalie Walton, The Guardian

In-Home photo sessions can also be considered lifestyle photography. That’s simply because we do life in our homes. The approach to these photo sessions can vary from capturing the raw & difficult moments shared between families inside the safety of their walls. It can capture the intimate, life-giving love of you and your spouse (or, soon-to-be). The inspiration you gain as an entrepreneur/small business owner is also an amazing thing to catch in your home space. The options are practically endless. In-Home sessions are meant to document real-life moments or milestones in an artistic manner and the art of the everyday!

Here are some helpful tips for In-Home sessions:

  • Create scenes that represent you! 
    • What does “home” mean to you? Does it mean cuddling in a blanket with your husband? Does it mean playing with the kids?
    • How do you feel in your home? Let’s create that feeling!
    • What do you value? Let’s incorporate that! 
  • Get comfortable. That may mean playing your favorite playlist. I always make sure I set-up my lifestyle sessions with fitting music.
  • Dress in comfortable clothes and wear neutral colors. This is more for the aesthetics of the images being captured. 
  • Open the blinds! Natural lighting is what adds to the intimacy of In-Home sessions.
  • Bonus Tip: If you aren’t comfortable with your home, book a session in a studio or something in a similar set-up. The feeling of “home” can be recreated in most spaces with 4 walls and a roof. This does not limit the power of the stories held within those walls, but the stories are usually held within the hearts of those being photographed. These sessions tend to be more stylized.

I adore capturing in home sessions for all of these reasons. If you feel inspired and wish to to a photo shoot like this, feel free to reach out to me! Here are a few sessions that I have captured in the intimate space we call “home”: