Importance of Comfort: the key to relaxed photos

June 10, 2017

Last weekend was an amazing learning experience – two engagement shoots as well as a wedding (video coming soon). All three went great and the beautiful weather was a blessing! Fortunately, the weekend went so smooth for one reason; familiarity.

On Friday, Derric and Bree had their engagement pictures taken in downtown Indy. I know Derric because he helped out with the women’s basketball program at IWU by practicing with us on the blue squad. And Bree, she was so easy to work with (such a cute and gorgeous smile)! It was so natural to photograph them both because we had a relationship built beforehand. 


Cannot wait to photograph your wedding in April!!

The next day, Emily and Josh Neideck got married! Yayy! I was honored to have the opportunity to film their wedding day. Again, this is a couple from school. Emily was in my first class freshman year. Thinking back on it… I actually was assigned to give an introductory speech on her! Josh was someone I met on an athletic trip last summer in Montana. The first day of the trip I asked him about Emily and he told me that he planned to pop the question when he got back. Crazy how those small moments came full circle!

Their wedding in Wabash, IN was beautiful. I was able to work right alongside of their photographers and capture the love that they displayed so effortlessly.


Wedding video coming soon!!- but, here are some picture I snuck in 🙂

To wrap up my weekend I had another engagement session with some friends from high school- Zach and Nicole.  I love these two! Nicole just completed her career as a gymnast at U of M and Zach is finishing up his studies at State… ironic. This is such an exciting time of life and I’m so happy for them!

Nicole and her mom have invested in my photography since the day I decided to make it a business. She was my first client (they let me take her senior pictures). And a few summers later, I took her brother’s pictures too! I owe a lot of thanks to the Artz’s for that!! Knowing the two of them made the day run so seamlessly. Being able to capture their love and fun made for a great photoshoot.




So, knowing who you photograph and who photographs you is always helpful! Smiles seem to be less forced and the best candid moments can get captured! However, just because the relationship between the photographer and the subjects may not have a history doesn’t meant the images won’t turn out wonderful- it’s just a plus.