Grand Haven Engagement Session at Rosy Mound

July 8, 2020

You know you are photographing two dedicated people when they drive 3 hours and model for 2 hours in 90 degree weather on the lakeshore of Michigan.

Dedication. Commitment. That is what marriage is all about… I guarantee these two will rock marriage! Jody & Kyle are getting married in March of 2021 at the Black Barn Wedding Venue. Jody walked me through the details they have planned already and wow, I cannot wait to photograph their big day!

These two desired to do their engagement session in Grand Haven at Rosy Mound Park. It was a gorgeous evening with lots of huge smiles and yes, lots of heat and, unfortunately, flies (warning to all my fellow Michigan photographer friends to pack bug spray- Check out this post).

Rosy Mound is a beautiful park in the Grand Haven area with both access to the wood trails and our breathtaking Michigan lakeshore. The trail to the beach has somewhere close to 360 steps. So, you can check off your workout for the day with a hike to the beach! Though it can get a bit tiring, the trip is very worth it. There are tremendous views- a wonderful dune overlook and many unique photo locations. If you are ever looking to photograph here, it is a pretty simple layout. All the trials lead to the beach! 

Jody & Kyle are such a joy of a couple. The one word I would use to describe our time together was: KINDNESS. Yes! These two are so so kind, thoughtful, and full of great conversation. They were overjoyed to have their photos done at the beach despite the nagging flies. Their joy never wavered! Jody and Kyle brought certain pieces that are special to their relationship like their racing jerseys. I always encourage my couples to bring a fun piece of “them.” Then Jody changed into her beautiful long dress saying something like “I looked up what to wear and it said that photographers like long, flowy dresses.” SO TRUE!! We took photos on the trails, boardwalk, beach, and in Lake Michigan. By the end of the shoot, Jody decided to really take in the evening and go all the way under- LOVE THAT! We ended the night with a gorgeous cotton-candy sunset.

P.S. I think that the heat got the best of us since I ended up at the same gas station as them stocking up on water for the drive home.