From One Photographer to Another: What to Wear on a Wedding Day

June 6, 2022

At first thought your outfit may not seem like high priority item to consider when preparing to photograph a wedding day; you aren’t the one creating your own lasting memories after all. However, you are there to make a statement about yourself, your business, and to help capture the best moments of the bride and groom! That said, there are some things that you can consider when dressing for the wedding including the comfort of your attire, a level of chicness, and the color you wear. 


Wedding days are long days! This isn’t an 8-5 sit down all day office job. You’ll be standing and moving around all day. You want to ensure that you are adequately prepared for the strain that comes with being on your feet for hours and picking the right shoes and outfit can contribute a lot to how comfortable you are throughout the day. 

The first thing to consider is shoes. It is important to wear a pair of shoes that are comfortable to stand in all day that are supportive enough to not cause lower back issues or feet pain. I, personally, enjoy wearing open-toed shoes especially when it’s warmer out so my feet can breathe. Open-toed shoes are also helpful if you have to walk through wet grass as they will typically dry faster. Here’s a link to some of my favorite options that look great with any outfit.

When considering your outfit, you also want to feel comfortable as you move throughout the day! I typically wear dresses or skirts and a tank top – check out some of my favorites here. If you choose to wear a dress, you will want it to be flowy enough that you can move easily, but you also want it to be somewhat fitted so it won’t catch in the wind. If you find a dress or a skirt with pockets, that’s just an extra bonus! Another great outfit to consider is a jumpsuit as it allows for completely free movement as you shoot all the best angles. 

Regardless of what you choose to wear, make sure you wear whatever you are most comfortable in. When picking the outfit, think through the movements you’ll be doing throughout the day including all the squatting and stretching it takes to arrange the detail shots in the morning to maneuvering your way through the ceremony. 


Photographers often find themselves asking, “how nice should I dress?” Every wedding is different, but I believe you should dress for the job you want. You are a professional and want to be taken seriously, so present yourself in the best way possible! 

That said, there is a difference between dressing for a backyard garden wedding versus a formal ballroom reception. I want to make sure I match my client’s status and look both professional, yet approachable. The people you will spend the most time with will be the bride and groom so you also want to represent them well! In addition, you are being paid a good amount to be there, so you want to be put together and professional, displaying yourself and your brand well. You also want to make sure the bride and groom are comfortable with you, and if you look too formal you could intimidate the bridal party, or family of the bride and groom. So shoot for professional and put-together without going over the top! 


We OBVIOUSLY know not to wear white. A lot of wedding vendors typically wear black on wedding days; however, you don’t have to do this! Black is a safe option, but if you’re going to be outside in the sun all day, you may want to choose a color that won’t be as hot and that will hide any sweat. 

Don’t be afraid to wear a pop of color! This dress comes in every color and is perfect for weddings. You’ll just want to check with the bride and groom on their wedding colors during your planning phase so that you don’t match the bridesmaids or groomsmen. You will want to be sure that your color is presentable, practical and will get you through the day without any wardrobe issues. 

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