From beginning to end

September 7, 2018
By Emily Stewart

I got engaged to Collin Stewart in the middle of my senior volleyball season at Indiana Wesleyan University. As soon as we got engaged, we began to think about all the details that would need to go into planning a wedding including venue, color scheme, wedding gown style and types of flowers. But one of the things that I was honestly most stressed about was photography and videography. Getting engaged in the end of September, 2017 and picking a date in July, 2018 only gave us about 9 months to plan everything. I knew decisions needed to be made, and they needed to happen fast! Although I am usually a very indecisive person, I had been dreaming about my wedding day for years and thanks to Pinterest, I already had a lot of ideas for all the details already. For example, I knew I wanted save the dates with engagement pictures on them. Again, we only had 9 months which meant we had to have the save the dates ordered by about January. After researching photographers online, I realized none of those photographers were going to fit my budget or my busy schedule because I had volleyball tournaments or games almost every weekend and classes and practices during the week. I was about to give up and decide on sending out save the dates without pictures, until I remembered seeing Mikayla’s wedding photos and videos on social media. Everything I had seen was done so well and was just so beautiful. I reached out to Mikayla, and she was extremely helpful from the very beginning. She was more than willing to work around our crazy schedules because she understood what that was like because she is a student-athlete at IWU herself. We decided to book Mikayla for engagement pictures as well as for photo and video for the wedding day. My stress about finding the right photographer/videographer was immediately diminished and I am so so thankful!


After rescheduling engagement pictures multiple times because of weather, Mikayla kept reassuring me we would be able to get it done, even if it meant we did it in the morning during the week sometime. Somehow, we finally managed to schedule a time we were all available and the weather was finally willing to cooperate.

Little background on Collin and I: we are not your typical couple that is really touchy-feely and all lovey-dovey. I have never been someone who likes PDA so I was honestly nervous going into the engagement pictures. We met Mikayla at a spot on campus where she knew would be a good opportunity for some great shots. As soon as we met her there, she was setting us up in poses and helping us through every bit of it. She made Collin and I both feel so comfortable and the entire process was so much easier and so much more fun than I thought it was going to be. Not only was the process easy, but Mikayla was able to capture our relationship so well and the photos turned out perfect! I couldn’t wait to show everyone and get the save the dates out that included a few of my favorite pictures from the shoot.

After the engagement pictures, I couldn’t wait for Mikayla to work with us again. The big day couldn’t come soon enough! Obviously I was excited to marry Collin and see all our friends and family come together to support us, but I was also so excited to have Mikayla be there for photo and video throughout the whole day. She arrived in the morning while us girls were all getting ready at my house. It was a very rainy morning and I was already disappointed because I knew that meant we wouldn’t be able to get all the pictures we wanted outside. Mikayla, again, reassured me everything was going to work out and it would turn out perfectly. Mikayla was so organized and had the whole day planned out, yet she was very flexible if we needed to make any quick changes or make any additions. The thing I appreciated most about Mikayla was how she was always asking if I was doing okay and if I needed anything. She was so willing to do anything she could to make this day perfect for me.

Because a wedding day can be a blur (which it honestly was), I am so thankful I had Mikayla as my photographer and videographer. We can’t wait to have beautiful photos and a beautiful video to remember an even more beautiful day! Not only is Mikayla a great photographer/videographer, she is also an incredible woman of God. Mikayla is so encouraging, loves people so well and is extremely patient and supportive. Thank you, Mikayla, for helping us make our wedding day one Collin and I will never forget. I HIGHLY recommend Mikayla to anyone looking for a photographer/videographer for both engagement pictures as well as the wedding day! I can’t imagine a better experience from start to finish.