Creating a Wedding Day Timeline

June 20, 2022

Wedding Day Timelines

Having a timeline on a wedding day is a great tool if it’s organized and well thought out. 

For the Wedding Vendors:

If you are a vendor reading this, you should work on helping your couple with the layout of their day. Most of the time, a timeline is most heavily influenced by the venue(s), coordinator/planner, and the photographer. However, all vendors should have a copy of the agenda even if they are only present for part of the day. Serve your client well by providing a neat, easy to read, and possibly even aesthetically pleasing timeline for them to follow throughout the day.

For the Wedding Couples:

If you are a couple reading this post, it’s super value-able to reach out to the top vendors (venue(s), coordinator/planner, and the photographer) and comparing the timelines they suggest for your day to run smoothly. Though you may have attended a handful of weddings prior to your own, the vendors you hire do have a more experience with the flow of the day. Once you have a finalized timeline, share digital and/or printed copies with your vendors, bridal party, and families so that they know the details of the day.

A Few Tips:

Since it’s difficult to know exactly what to expect how long some things can take, here’s a great insider tip for everyone for the estimated timing of photographic events on your wedding day!

First look: 15-20 minutes

Couple Portraits: 40 minutes

Wedding Party Photos: 40 minutes

Family Photos: 30 minutes

Sunset Photos: 15-20 minutes

Here to Help!

No matter your role on a wedding day- bride, groom, coordinator or photographer- I have created customizable wedding timeline templates for you. What I adore about the layout of these templates is that they can be created in document format or to fit the screen of your phone. (Pro tip: set your phone lock screen as the wedding timeline & text it to anyone who may need it). There are 4 different styles to pick from so that you can make it fit he theme of the wedding day it will be used for! 

If you happen to use these templates and find them super helpful for your wedding or for elevating your client experience, I would love for you to leave a review in my Etsy shop.

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