Business Rebrand: Why the change?

March 30, 2021

Imagery by Mikayla J is now Mikayla Jean & Co. 

The old is gone and the new has come!! I am so thrilled about this rebrand and excited to show you how Mikayla Jean & Co. was born! 

Here’s a little bit of back story…

In 2021, I knew I needed to update my brand to match how much I’ve grown in this last year. I’ve transitioned from a videographer to a photographer + creative entrepreneur. But, like most other entrepreneurs, we wear WAY too many hats. I had always just gotten by with my own graphics + designs but it just wasn’t cutting it. It was FINALLY time for me to seek out a professional to partner with as I worked to restructure my brand. 

ENTER, the lovely, talented graphic designer, Mikaela Joy Designs

She began working on my new logo and something just felt….off. I loved what she created, but I just felt deep down that I had outgrown “‘Imagery by Mikayla J’. 

I was chatting with my dear friend, Haley Chicoine, and she said, “maybe it’s because you don’t like your business name anymore?” BOOM. She said it. I felt it. But, I was nervous. 

I started photography back in 2015 with a handful of senior portraits and family sessions but I was constantly changing my “business name” and could never fully commit. I landed on “Imagery by Mikayla J” and it just…stuck. 

As I’ve grown in this last year and branched out from photography, videography, creative styling, mentorships and SO much more, my old business name was not fully encompassing all that I am as a business owner and creative! 

Mikayla Jean & Co. perfectly symbolizes who I am. And even though I’m MORE than my brand name, I want people to resonate with me through my name! I am so happy I’m incorporating my full name – that’s been passed down for generations – into my brand. 

So what’s new!? 

New Look

I cannot thank Mikaela Joy Designs enough for all of her work that she did to help my brand come together. The brand reflects my style and approach and all the avenues in which my business has traveled. The brand colors + design are a nod to my childhood growing up on the shores of Lake Michigan and my natural, effortless approach to my creative work. 

New Resources for Couples

The features on my website will continue to grow. 

With my new brand, I will be providing couples with great tools and advice for their wedding day. My years of experience brings wisdom and direction to many couples every year and I’m excited to begin to refer other wedding professionals as my couples make wedding day decisions. 

Education for Photographers

My love for education has grown so much. I have added more ways to book mentorship programs as well as learning more about the styled shoots and wedding editorials that I host. In addition, I have added the beloved Common Co. brand to the site! I believe I’m built to support other young photographers as they begin their journey and encourage seasoned photographers as well! 

Sharing more of my Branding Portfolio: 

It is also easier to now book branding photo sessions with me through my website! This year I worked with wonderful brands across the country like: 

Though a lot has changed, I can guarantee that the same timeless, personal and playful storytelling is still in motion – just with a more clear direction + a beautiful logo to admire. 

I’m beyond thankful for everyone who has supported my business in the past and I look forward to see what comes with Mikayla Jean & Co.