5 Tips For Planning Your Engagement Photos

April 25, 2022


Engagement photos are some of my favorite photos to capture!

I love this time with my couples because it helps to build a more personal relationship. My engagement sessions are typically one to two hours and this is a great opportunity for us to get to know each other and have so much fun! There are five things that I like to have my couples consider when planning out their engagement photos. These include when and where to take them, what to wear and bring, and how to turn your session into a fun date night. 

1. When to take your engagement photos 

One of the first things I recommend to my clients is to consider when they want to have their engagement pictures taken. Specifically, what time of year to have them taken. I, personally, think it’s awesome to have engagement photos that look like they are taken around the same season as when the wedding will take place! It helps create a cohesive vibe with wedding invitations, save the dates, and your wedding website. Not all engagement timelines work out to take the photos a full year in advance, but it’s something fun to think about as you are envisioning the feel of your wedding as a whole. Regardless, you’ll want to make sure that you schedule your engagement session well enough in advance so that you can have time to design and order any stationery that you plan on using your photos for. 

2. Where to take your engagement photos

In terms of location, there are typically three options: rural, urban, or studio/in-home session. That said, the first thing I ALWAYS recommend when picking out locations is to make sure you are comfortable wherever you are. So, let’s not go take downtown photos if you are more into hiking, adventures, and the great outdoors. Additionally, it’s helpful to aim for a location that will let on a similar vibe to your wedding. Namely, having the location resemble where the wedding events will take place or with similar colors as you’ll use throughout your wedding. For example, if you are having a more industrial wedding in an urban setting, the engagement photos could be taken downtown. If you are going to get married in a backyard with an elegant garden feel, let’s take your engagement photos at a whimsical field at sunset! My goal in assisting my couples with their engagement photo location is to choose a place where you feel free to be yourself while also complimenting the rest of your wedding day. 

3. What to wear for your engagement photos

Once the location has been selected, you get to do the fun part… pick out the outfits! This is another great opportunity to make sure that the colors of your outfits in your engagement photos match your wedding scheme for continued cohesion. It doesn’t need to be a perfect match, but considering how your outfits will look with your wedding colors is definitely something to consider!

In addition to wearing colors that will blend well with your wedding colors, I like my couples to consider neutral tones, solid colors, and layers. Neutral tones work really well in any lighting scenario as well as with most editing styles! Some brighter and bolder colors can be more distracting and may be manipulated based on the photographer’s editing style. Simple, solid-colored T-shirts and jeans are always a safe option! Honestly, a plain black T-shirt and jeans or the classic white T-shirt and jeans are always a favorite option of mine. I encourage clients to stray away from patterns because really small patterns can sometimes be distorted in the photos, so I would lean towards more simple prints if any. Finally, layering your clothes can add an extra dimension to your photos. Consider bringing along a jean jacket, cardigan or hat. Any outfit can be enhanced with accessories that are simple yet beautiful as we don’t want to draw too much attention away from the real gems in the pictures – you! When you book me for your photos we’ll totally chat about what outfits will be best for you!

4. What to bring with you to your engagement session 

I think it’s so much fun when my couples bring props to their engagement session. Of course, the engagement ring is the main prop, but there are always other things that couples can bring along! Some people have pets that they like to incorporate into their pictures (like who doesn’t love a good puppy picture?!). Instead of your pup, what if we turn your session into a cute coffee date and use cute mugs in the photos? Or how about a champagne pop!!  Let’s celebrate your engagement to the fullest! I encourage you to get creative and really personalize your engagement session. 

5. How to treat your engagement session like a date night 

Finally, something fun that I encourage my couples to do is to think of their engagement session as a date night. Instead of thinking of your engagement session as something you HAVE to do, think of it as a super fun opportunity to spend time together. My hope for my couples as they walk away from the session is that they will feel more bonded and more in love with each other than when the day started. A fun element to add to your moments is actually incorporating your “date night” into your session. So, let’s go to a winery or a vineyard, grab a box of pizza and watch the sunset at the beach, sip on some coffee in the cutest coffee shop, or cozy up around a bonfire. 

I can’t wait to get to know you more and spend some time at your engagement session. Let’s connect today and start planning for your photos!