4 Tips For Your Getting Ready Location

May 9, 2022

Getting ready for your wedding is so much fun!

There are so many factors to consider when picking a location to get ready, and maybe you already have a “getting ready” spot picked out. For your getting ready location, you have options to choose from: the venue may have a designated area, or you may be booking an AirBnB for your bridal party, or maybe you just want to rent out the salon you are the most comfortable with and have been going to for years. Whatever it is, there are a few things to keep in mind to have the most enjoyable morning while also having the most beautiful photos captured! 

1. Is there natural light? 

To get the most beautiful photos, natural lighting is key! When picking your getting ready location, make sure you check how much natural light you have in the room. Are there plenty of windows that allow for natural light to pour in? This is because natural light allows for a moody yet realistic effect in photos. If we can turn off all overhead lights and rely just on what’s pouring through the windows, your photos will turn out the best!

Several parts of the day may require artificial lighting such as in your ceremony or reception. Using  other lights in the rooms, or using a flash, will be necessary and that’s okay. For example, if you are to get married in a beautiful cathedral with stained glass windows, while that adds a beautiful backdrop, it can alter how the room will appear in photos. However,  having as many photos in your gallery taken in natural lighting with artificial lights turned off, we will achieve the most true-to-experience results. 

2. Will the space present well in photos? 

While natural lighting is a definite plus to any photos, it is also important to make sure the space itself will photograph beautifully. In addition to checking for great windows, see what else in the room will impact the beauty of the photos. Is the room clean and tidy, or cluttered and distracting? 

Often the downstairs of a church is used, which can be convenient for a church wedding but may not present the most beautiful location. Is there a large nursery mural nearby? Or are there paint colors that aren’t aesthetically pleasing? It’s best to have a getting-ready room with clean backgrounds with lighter walls that will allow for more elegant photos. A beautiful location will speak for itself and we won’t have to do too much to make it more beautiful! 

3. Is there enough space for everything?

While you want the location itself to be alluring, you also need to consider how much room you will need for everything and everyone to get ready! Think about how many people you will have getting ready. How many bridesmaids do you have? What about the mothers? Will anyone else be getting ready with you at the same time? Most brides have a hair and makeup team that will come to the getting-ready location. Make sure you have enough room for their setup stations.  

In addition to having room for the people, it is also important to keep in mind that each of these people will have their own bags and may need space to take out their own makeup kits or hair accessories. You also want to make sure there is a space for the bride to dress, and have her moment before revealing herself to her best girls! It is most enjoyable when you and your girls can focus on enjoying the morning and getting ready while sipping your mimosas without having to move anything around!

4. Will this be convenient for the bridal party? 

It is always thoughtful to consider your bridal party in terms of where to get ready. It is helpful for them to not have to carry their luggage around all day from location to location, especially if your wedding ceremony and reception are at two different places. 

If your reception venue has a space to get ready and store bags, that could be very convenient for your bridal party. That said, if your only option for getting ready is your church basement, it might be valuable to consider booking an AirBnB that gives great space and beautiful natural lighting. This would also be convenient for your bridal party as they could have a place to stay the night before and the night of the wedding! If you can find an AirBnB that’s close to your reception, that is also very pretty with lots of big windows, that would be an awesome place to spend your morning. PLUS you could have a fun morning breakfast with your girls before starting to get ready, and who doesn’t love french toast and a mimosa first thing in the morning?!

Hopefully, these tips helped you visualize what your getting ready location could look like. It’s all about getting the most out of your location and enjoying the morning with the least amount of stress possible!