10 Tips For Finding The PERFECT Photographer/Videographer For You

August 15, 2019

He asked the question.
You said “Yes!”
You show everyone your beautiful, shiny ring…

But, now what?
Between finding a date and a venue, it’s also vital to book the right photographer and videographer to capture your wedding day.

Coming from a wedding photographer/videographer and bride, I believe these are the best things to search for when hiring the person who will be capturing your wedding day.

Here are 10 tips for finding the perfect photog/videographer for you:

  1. Search For A Photog/videographer That Fits Your Style. Photographers and videographers have a certain shooting & editing style so find one that you love and contact them!
  2. Ask To See Example Work. If a website does not have full galleries, ask the photog if you can see an extended album of photos or links to watch more videos. Highlight galleries will often display the best images. If you ask to see a full gallery, you’ll get a better sense of your photographers style and capabilities.
  3. What You See Is What You Get. Make sure you clarify any questions you have with their packages. Be aware of what they offer and what they don’t. Ask all your add-on questions before moving forward so you know you will get EXACTLY what you want. It’s important!
  4. Sign A Contract. It is good for both you & the photog to understand what is expected. It’s even more beneficial in the unlikely (but possible) event that there are issues.
  5. See If Customization Is Possible. You’re a bride on a budget, I get it. Ask if they are capable of customizing wedding package to fit your needs and/or budget.
  6. Make Sure You Make A Deposit. This assures that your date is secure with your photog. It also helps you stay organized with who you have paid and haven’t.
  7. Make A Photo List & Timeline. This is highly beneficial to you and your photog. This ensures that the photog is aware of the moments/pictures that are important to you. Send this out at least a week in advance so that any questions can be clarified prior to the uber busy days before the wedding.
  8. Be Aware Of Their Timeline. Some creatives do weddings full-time while others do it on the side. This plays a huge role into when you will receive your my photos/video. They probably won’t provide an exact date but, if you at least know the turnaround rate, or what month to anticipate the long awaited email or text, that will help!
  9. Know How You Will Receive The Final Product. There is nothing more confusing than not understanding why you got something the way you did. Some send cute boxes with USB drives. Others do professional online galleries that are downloadable. If you prefer one way over the other, make sure they offer it.
  10. Make Sure That You Know Who Is Shooting Your Wedding. It’s possible that a business may have multiple creatives working for them and you are just in contact with the owner. Make sure you talk to the actual photog/videographer because creating a relationship with them before always helps make the day more comfortable when they have a camera in your face. It’s true!

Some people think that wedding planning is a dread. They say “I’m so overwhelmed” or “I don’t even know where to begin.” Though the months of wedding planning are a haul, it should be a time that you actually have fun being stressed out!

Mikayla Jean & Co. wants to be able to step into this fun time- being by your side on your big day & the days leading up to it. Fill out the contact page and let’s get to creating!